Player 1 Selecciona con H Ataques (1:"F",2:"G",3:"H") Player 2 Selecciona con MAYUS  Ataques (1:"MAYUS",2:"-",3:".").


Magician Fire Wizard Vampire Guy Vampire Girl
 1 Magic Sphere (Deals AOE) 1 Sword Attack (Fast Attack) 1) Fast Sword Attack(Has combo) 1Blood Attack(Proyectile, throws all blood cells)
2 Magic Fire (AOE as proyectile) 2 FlameThrow(AOE Attack) 2)Parry(Repels proyectiles) 2 Blood Cell Creations(Creates a blood cell on the floor that damages on contact)
3 Magic Arrow(Single Target Proyectile) 3 FireBall (Single target Proyectile) 3 Blood Cell Absortion(Absorbs all blood cells in the environment)

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